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dec 19 2014
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We opened the Island Creek Oyster Bar to bring the restaurant to the farmer. It's a collaboration joining farmer, chef, and diner in one space. We welcome guests to get to know their oyster grower, harvester, winemaker, distiller, brewer, and fisherman. One meal at a time.
ICOB's versatile space hosts small social gatherings and large corporate dinners in our main dining room and lounge.
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We opened the Island Creek Oyster Bar to bring the restaurant to the farmer. It’s a collaboration joining farmer, chef, and diner in one space. We welcome guests to get to know their oyster grower, harvester, winemaker, distiller, brewer, and fisherman. One meal at a time.

A hybrid of New England shore food and creative, seasonally influenced seafood, our menu reflects our sensibility, printed just before service to ensure that we’re presenting the freshest ingredients possible. Our fish selections and oyster list change daily depending on what’s coming off the water while our New England classics, like steamed lobster caught by chef’s cousin Mark in Maine, and Mrs. Bennett’s seafood casserole, can be found here regularly. For a sampling of plates to share, look to the left or, settle in with a couple of substantial entree selections from the right.

Because owners Jeremy Sewall and Skip Bennett maintain close, personal relationships with many of our purveyors, you’ll find their names sprinkled throughout the menu along with the names of those who have inspired us (we’re looking at you, Ethel and Nancy). We hope you enjoy getting to know these personalities and their contributions as much as we have.


Chef Jeremy Sewall, Know Your Fish 101

DEC 18 2014
From interviews to seminars, cooking classes and published articles, Chef Jeremy Sewall is a go-to source on conscientious whole fish sourcing, purchasing, and preparing.  Living by the water for most of his life, whether it was the east or west coast, his plentiful knowledge of seafood is a genuine resource to seek out and bring into one's own kitchen. After two Know...

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A Tour of Sky8 Shrimp Farm, LLC: Engineering sustainable shrimp farming in Stoughton, MA.

Even someone with a Ph.D., no one knows everything, says James Tran in a hopeful, light-hearted tone during the beginning of our Culinary Guild tour Friday morning. Tran, a 39-year-old native of Vietnam, has spent the last two years in endless trial and error scenarios attempting the first shrimp farm in Massachusetts. Mainly a three-person team, along with frequent consultants and some investors, Tran combined his engineering background, his upbringing in the family shrimp business, and his entrepreneurial spirit to develop a method of shrimp farming that is sustainable, natural and chemical-free for the shrimp, and aims to have no environmental impact or disruption to Stoughton, the hatcheries, and New England's coastal areas. We are happy to report that thus far, his goals and passion are slowly coming to fruition.

In a bare bones industrial park, lined with modestly staggered rows of brick buildings, Tran has nearly exhausted the space of his intimate shrimp farming facility from five tanks to eight tanks, and counting. Growing four different sizes of shrimp, he hopes to further expand his warehouse to answer the local restaurant demand for his gourmet Pacific White shrimp. Utilizing a zero water exchange facility, Tran takes fresh Atlantic Ocean water, trucked in from the coast of New Hampshire at high tide, and recycles this salt water after each consecutive shrimp crop. With high technology advanced recirculation, filtration, and temperature control systems, Tran can oversee every step of shrimp growth and has the ability to send messages to his phone if there is a problem with the tanks.

Sourcing their shrimp larvae from an FDA certified hatchery in Florida, Tran knows that he is purchasing from a very controlled environment. From larvae size, which is smaller than a mosquito, it takes about 12 days for the shrimp to grow to about one inch in size. Throughout the tour as we listened to Tran and his team speak about the shrimp, their vision and desire to respect the shrimp and bring a new perspective overall to the shrimp farming industry is inspiring. Multiple times, Tran expressed that when they are harvesting the shrimp from the tanks, he never wants to stress them out. They are never frozen and are only delivered directly to restaurants on ice without the use of any preservatives or chemicals. 

His optimum goals are to develop more circular tanks for easier net harvesting, providing more room in the tanks for the shrimp, and one day to build his own hatchery and feed the shrimp with a 100% vegetarian feed. The 8 in Sky8 may mean that James Tran started the eighth shrimp farm in the U.S., but it is also the luckiest number in Chinese culture. From witnessing disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill that have nearly destroyed shrimp ecosystems, James Tran is ready to take on the challenge and provide the shrimp industry with an ecologically responsible, local source for freshly grown seafood.

Sky8 Gourmet White Shrimp Farm

Stoughton, MA

Jillian Bernardini

NOV 20 2014

The New England Kitchen: Fresh Takes on Seasonal Recipes, Chef Jeremy Sewall and Erin Byers Murray.

Hosting the cookbook release party a few weeks ago for The New England Kitchen: Fresh Takes on Seasonal Recipes, ICOB happily raised a glass to our Chef Jeremy Sewall! With Erin Byers Murray, Chef Jeremy's inspiration for his first cookbook stemmed from growing up in one of the most seasonal regions in the country: New England.

The roots of my love for simple, fresh food. Those fundamentals will stay with me forever.

With memories of nostalgic picnics by the waters of southern Maine and his family's roots as lobstermen, Chef Jeremy's cookbook blends some dishes that he grew up eating as a child, like the steamers on the cover, and recipes that span his entire culinary career. Similar to the menus at his restaurants, Chef Jeremy's recipes are seasonal, simple approaches to highlighting local, fresh ingredients.

Profiles of Chef Jeremy's friends are also in the cookbook, along with tutorials featuring fresh lobsters, oysters, and even curing bacon. The New England Kitchen is a cookbook that revives a timeless regional cuisine with a contemporary twist. We are eager to share our Chef's story with you, and look forward to seeing his dishes created and shared in your own homes. We will have copies of The New England Kitchen available for purchase in ICOB, or you can find the cookbook on Amazon for $28.48.

-Jillian Bernardini

OCT 25 2014

Extended Dining Hours at ICOB!

Baseball season in Kenmore Square always brings a heightened sense of excitement.  With the changing of seasons, budding trees, and bustling crowd of neighbors and tourists alike, there's no neighborhood we would rather be sharing our local fare than Fenway. Fall conveys a similar enthusiasm, as the Red Sox earn a well-deserved break and fine dining season comes into full effect, we are looking forward to sharing some new changes with you!

Starting this week, we are updating our hours to provide guests more opportunities to dine with us.  For our full dinner menu, our weekend dining hours, Friday and Saturday, will extend to 11:30pm.  Sunday-Thursday will remain the same with the full dinner menu available till 11:00pm.  There will be no more late night dining available throughout the week and weekend.  Also, Sunday brunch will shift slightly, ending at 2:30, with a mid-day menu available until our full dinner menu starts at 5pm.

As ICOB celebrates its fourth anniversary mid-October, we are incredibly grateful to be one of Boston's favorite seafood restaurants, and look forward to providing more memorable experiences for both neighbors and visitors alike.  

 -Jillian Bernardini

OCT 25 2014

ICOB & Coravin: Sip a Reserve, Aged White Wine by the Glass

Over a decade of testing 23 different prototypes in his Boston basement, Greg Lambrecht developed a method of enjoying a glass of wine without ever pulling the cork. Coravin, meaning the heart of wine, is a device comprised of a thin, hollow medical grade needle, inert argon gas capsules, a trigger for easy pouring, and a clamp to safely secure itself around most standard wine bottles.

"My dream was to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork. The remaining wine could then go back in my cellar, so that I could enjoy it again, whenever I desired,%u201D says Lambrecht, who likes to think of the Coravin as a means of wine accessibility more than preservation. Having the ability to taste three or four different bottles from his wine cellar and sharing that experience with his friends, is the type of freedom that Lambrecht loves about the Coravin. However, the sole success of the Coravin system is that it does maintain the wine's original integrity: it preserves an accessed bottle of wine for years without any potential for oxidation.

How does it work? A thin, hollow needle is inserted through the cork to access the wine. The bottle is then pressurized with argon, an inert gas, which allows the wine to flow through the needle and pour into the glass. The argon replaces the wine removed from the bottle, preventing oxidation. The needle is removed from the cork, and the cork reseals itself, protecting the wine from oxidation and allows full enjoyment of the wine months or years later.

We look forward to a frequent rotation of Coravin selections that maintain the ICOB wine ethos, and want to share with our guests the amazing potential and complexity that white wines develop overtime with age.

Current Selections: {click the links below to read about the wines and their producers!}

1995 Kirchmayr 'Solist' Grn0065007200200056eltliner Wachau

1998 Nikolaihof 'Steinriesler' Riesling Wachau

2003 Au Bon Climat 'Hildegard' Santa Maria Valley CA

2003 Kruger-Rumpf 'Mn0073007400650072er Dautenpln007aer' Riesling Spt006cese Nahe

1998 Hugel Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles Alsace

-Jillian Bernardini

SEP 18 2014

Red Sox Season 2014 in Full Swing!

Red Sox at ICOB. Yep, we can't believe it either! Our 2013 Champions of baseball are back at it for another season bound to be full of many highs and many lows.

Being in the Fenway neighborhood, we love the crowd that baseball season brings, as it's also a sign for warmer days to come. If you follow the Red Sox schedule as eagerly as we do, then you already know there are more opportunities to feast on oysters and sip our ICOB Pils with some extended hours and lunch openings.

If there is a day game that's home, then feel free to stop into ICOB before or after the game for a quick bite or a drink! We offer lunch on those days, and open two hours prior to game time. With home games that throw the first pitch around 7pm, we offer our dinner menu a half hour earlier to provide our guests ample time to enjoy their meals.

Check out our Facebook page for our summer schedule, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for any game day specials or new menu highlights. Go Sox!

-Jill B.
ICOB Server

APR 10 2014

Munch Madness 2014: Vote your Favorite Oyster Bar!

It's that time of year friends! As of yesterday, Munch Madness brackets are on the loose! Hosted by The Boston Globe for the past five years, this playful tournament modeled after college basketball's March Madness pits local restaurants against each other 'til only one is left the victor.

The voting rounds for each stand off last a mere two days, so we need your help! Up against our contemporary American cuisine rival Deuxave, we all know that your Island Creek oyster craving and love of our endlessly layered flaky buttermilk biscuit trumps a piece of spiced duck breast any day of the week.

Follow the link below to reach the Munch Madness page and cast your vote! There's also a portion below the brackets to share fun comments about your favorite ICOB dishes or other fondly remembered aspects of our seafood-centric oyster bar. As always, thanks for your continued support and keep ICOB in your thoughts for the following week of competition.


MAR 20 2014
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